QTAI: Quantum Artificial Intelligence is an initiative from BISITE research group (https://bisite.usal.es) of the University of Salamanca (Spain), with the aim of advancing in the reciprocal interplay of Quantum Computing technologies and Artificial Intelligence methods. Thanks to the very recent development of reasonably larger-scale quantum computers and achievement of quantum supremacy in 2019, 2020 and 2021 (i.e. the demonstration that a quantum computer can solve a problem that no classical computer can solve in a feasible amount of time), this innovative emerging avenue of research is now open. The combination of exponentially increased computational power of quantum devices through intrinsic parallelism and intelligent algorithms, which are nowadays ubiquitous for classical computers in all sectors, provides the grounds for increasing the scope and reach of AI to more complex and time-consuming tasks, previously unattainable, while reciprocally using intelligent algorithms for the advancement of quantum devices and the study of quantum mechanics. This requires effort to be put into innovation in Artificial Intelligence quantum algorithmics that are adapted to the particular nature of quantum computing, quantum data representational techniques, binary-to-quantum and quantum-to-binary data translation techniques, quantum measuring, as well as other fundamental computational aspects that need to be addressed for Quantum Artificial Intelligence to bear its fruits. QTAI by BISITE is an initiative that entails a number of research projects, a wide group of multidisciplinary expert researchers, and a long-term bet for extremely promising technologies leveraging the alignment of recent breakthroughs in different technologies (AI, QC, increased computational power, Big Data...), resulting in an exceptional moment for this research to be launched.