Quantum Computing has recently received growing attention, thanks to enormous advances in the construction of operational quantum computers, quantum materials and quantum cryptography. Besides advances in the physical construction and upscale of quantum computers, it is now needed to advance in the creation of quantum algorithms and methods that are adapted to such computers and make the most of their intrinsic computational and communication benefits. In the era of Big Data, some of the most computationally demanding tasks addressed fall into Artificial Intelligence (AI), including tasks that are at the moment computationally intractable, due to physical limitations of current computers. The intrinsic parallelism, representational power and efficiency offered by Quantum Computing make for an extremely promising alternative to binary computers for obtaining AI models of better quality, possibly resulting in the detection of patterns not possible with classical AI algorithms, and in time that is orders of magnitude shorter.

Thus, Quantum AI (QAI) offers itself as an extremely promising avenue of research to improve the scope, power and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for a range of extremely costly problems that cannot currently be addressed at a sufficient level of detail. These applications include medical imaging and processing, cognitive 5+G communication networks, Quantum Physics simulators, or weather prediction, among other areas. Although initial exploratory studies have been and are currently being done, more focused research is needed to make this very incipient field advance, and to pose a roadmap for mid-term research that will allow to develop such new technologies carrying an enormous potential future impact.


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13 Mar 2022

La Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Tecnologías Disruptivas celebrará un nuevo webinar sobre supercomputación el próximo 22 de marzo a las 17:00 horas.

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11 Mar 2022

From February 28th to March 3rd, the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC) hosted The European Quantum Space, a zone dedicated to showcasing the innovation and development in Quantum Technologies that Europe is driving forward.

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10 Mar 2022

In a groundbreaking study, researchers have derived analytical solutions to the guesswork problem for quantum ensembles