Selected articles on Quantum technologies

The journals Nature Communication and Nature Physics highlight four articles from the Quantum Flagship’s projects PASQuanS, MacQsimal, QRange and iqClock.

Nature Communications focus on Quantum

This year, Nature Communications’ Focus on Quantum selected 25 research articles on several fields of quantum-related areas. In the 2021 collection, the journals have selected two articles with the participation of the Flagship’s projects PASQuanSMacQsimal and QRange.

In the first highlighted article, “Lattice quantum electrodynamics in (3+1)-dimensions at finite density with tensor networks”, researchers Giuseppe MagnificoTimo FelserPietro Silvi and Simone Montangero presented a new approach to studying quantum field theories in three spatial dimensions on a lattice, by introducing efficient numerical algorithms.

The second study was published on May 2020 by researchers Jia KongRicardo Jiménez-MartínezCharikleia TroullinouVito Giovanni LuciveroGéza Tóth and Morgan W. Mitchell. In the article “Measurement-induced, spatially-extended entanglement in a hot, strongly-interacting atomic system” the team achieved quantum entanglement in a hot and messy system of 15 trillion atoms.

Ultracold quantum technologies on Nature Physics

The Nature Physics’ December issue on “Spin dynamics with ultracold atoms” features a special insight on ultracold quantum technologies. This insight edition has selected seven articles representing recent technological advances that have pushed the capabilities of ultracold gases performances and studies beyond current frontiers, highlighting the work carried out by the two Flagship’s projects iqClock and PASQuanS.

In the first article, “Laser cooling for quantum gases”, researchers Florian Schreck and Klaasjan van Druten review recent innovations in laser cooling and give a vision of methods that can potentially lead to new ways for developing quantum gases. Researchers Christian Gross and Waseem S. Bakr provide, in the second article “Quantum gas microscopy for single atom and spin detection”, an overview of quantum gas microscopy, and how these microscopes have transformed the detection and control of lattice gases.


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